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Vortrag: Blockchain Technology

Beyond the Hype


Beyond the hype we want to focus on actual and foreseeable applications of Blockchain technology helping us to get a re-decentralized internet and improved privacy.

Blockchain technology is currently one of the most hyped topics and you will find scams just as well as real business value propositions. Knowing what can be done and what is not feasible is likely determining the success of any business proposal.

We also believe that we have a chance to use it for a re-decentralization of the web as proposed by Tim Burners-Lee. Privacy is another highly underrepresented value caused by monopolies and various surveillance tactics by governments and private companies.

Agenda of the talk done by Thomas and Didi:
* Overview
* Under the Hood
* Examples
* Outlook

Thomas Zeinzinger and Dietmar Hofer are members of BlockchainHub Graz and the lab10 collective. The BlockchainHub Graz is a not-for-profit organization explaining Blockchain technology and building networks. The lab10 collective is a cooperative working on projects focused on decentralization and privacy, while also building a system for the common good.


Tag: 29.04.2017
Anfang: 13:10 Uhr
Dauer: 00:45
Room: G.AP147.004
Track: Anwendungen
Sprache: en




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