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Vortrag: W3C Slidy and rslidy

Creating impressive presentations based on web standards


In this talk Keith Andrews and Gerald Senarclens de Grancy introduce the capabilities, strengths and limitations of two web based presentation systems - W3C Slidy and its responsive sibling rslidy.

W3C Slidy by Dave Raggett's is a tool for creating browser-based presentations using web standards. Although basic understanding of HTML is a requirement for creating these presentations, the merits are great. It is possible to view the presentations on any device providing a modern web browser. Slidy's flexibility permits including other JavaScript libraries at ease, leading to highly dynamic presentations. The first part of this talk introduces Slidy and points to resources for getting started with web based presentations.

The second part introduces rslidy ("responsive slidy"), a HTML5 + CSS3 + JS tool for building responsive presentation slides, inspired by Slidy. rslidy was rewritten from ground up using HTML5, CSS3, and
TypeScript to be responsive. A presentation written in rslidy can
adapt to various screen sizes. Interaction support is built-in for
mouse, keyboard, touch, tilt, and shake.


Tag: 29.04.2017
Anfang: 12:35 Uhr
Dauer: 00:45
Room: G.AP149.116
Track: Anwendungen
Sprache: en



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