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Vortrag: Open Source Licenses


Open source licensing is a gray area for many people leading to insecurities that may harm investments in open source technologies.

Despite not being a lawyer, questions with regard to open source licenses were brought to me numerous times. In this talk I'll share some of my experiences with the topic. In particular
- the borders between free software including public domain and proprietary software including freeware etc. will be made explicit
- the most common open source licenses and their terms will be mentioned
- some questions with regard to what may and may not be done with software underlying different open source licenses - in particular when trying to employ open source in proprietary software
- a few important court rulings will be cited


Tag: 29.04.2017
Anfang: 10:00 Uhr
Dauer: 00:45
Room: G.AP147.005
Track: Anwendungen
Sprache: en



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